Duplicate an image in the schedule?

Hi, I have a schedule file that has been sent to me in preparation for a service tomorrow. One of the items in the schedule is an image; I don't have the original jpg/png file of the image, only the item as it is in the schedule. I need to re-use the image in several places in the schedule, but I can't find a way of duplicating it or copying and pasting it.

Is there a way to do it that I'm missing?


Open the schedule in EW. Right click on any of the entries in that schedule and select Check Schedule for Changes. Follow the prompts to import all of the songs, presentations, powerpoints, images, audio and video files into the EW Resource Area. You can now import any of the elements from Schedule from the resource area into your schedule. 


Thank you, that's a great tip!

My pleasure. Ten years of using EW has taught me a thing or three.

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