Alternate Output

Maybe I've read this wrong: the's release notes say that Alternate Output is supported, but I can find no trace of it in the Options menu of the new version.

If you are not on an active subscription of EW, you will not see the new features added to this build. If you bought a one-time purchase license, you agreed that any updates would only be bug fixes and that no new features would be added.

If you own a one-time purchase license of EasyWorship 7, your account now has a credit towards switching to an EasyWorship subscription to give you access to the incredible features of 7.3. Just log in to your account, then head to and you will see the credit amount to get you started. Keep in mind that this credit can only be applied towards an EasyWorship subscription and this credit is only available for a limited time.

Seriously? The single reason we moved from EW6 to EW7 is only subscription based? We bought it out right so we weren't forced to pay a monthly fee.  Does the NDI allow dual output yet, meaning on screen AND NDI simultaneously?  That might make me switch. 

Yes, once we moved to the new 7.3 version the Alternate Output supports NDI while sending to the screen. 

7.2 doesn't have this feature, so you won't see it if you've made an outright purchase. Only bug fixes and updates for the features in the version you purchased will flow through, in future.

The EW team may need to correct me hear, but that's my understanding.

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