New computer with Intel UHD Graphics 630

Our church is looking to upgrade the computer that we run Easyworship 6 on. This computer is feeding projectors in our sanctuary. The present computer has served our needs but lately, we have run into some problems when playing an HD video from within EW. The audio tends to get out of sync with the video. I have spoken to EW tech support and they determined that our video card is not sufficient to handle the HD videos. An option is to render videos as Standard Def. A new computer we are looking at has a built in Intel UHD Graphics 630. Can anyone tell me if we would need to install a more capable video card to play HD video in EW? 

I hope I have given you sufficient info on our situation.

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Yes. You will definitely need to get a more capable Nvidia or AMD graphics card. See the RECOMMENDED hardware specs in the following article on System Requirements for EW. Do not go for the minimum specs as that will not be adequate for your needs. And please note that a proper graphics card is not going to be cheap, or even easy to find at the moment due to a variety or circumstances.

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