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PowerPoint Alternative

Has anyone suggested an alternative to using PowerPoint? I would like to know if it would be possible to use options like OpenOffice or Libre Office PP alternatives.

Pastor currently uses Office 2010 for slides that he uses for service and we just add it to the EW7 schedule file.He would not be of the mindset to use EW for this.

Also, for some other person that was giving a talk and did not have PowerPoint, I was hoping for a simple way to import or easily transition to the discussion slides in EW. Also, we are currently looking at upgrading Office 2010 to 2019. How does EW interface with Powerpoint when the PPTX file is added to the presentation file? I don't detect that PowerPoint is started as a forked process but EW is presenting directly???

They are not supported but you can use the EW presentation editor to create slide shows, announcement loops etc. 

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