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Provide a Bitfocus Companion support module for control of EasyWorship


How would you like the feature to work?

Please could you write and publish an EasyWorship "support module" for Bitfocus Companion? See and

I would like the support module to provide the ability to control the same actions as the EasyWorship keyboard shortcuts, especially Go Live (including selecting next item in the schedule if necessary), Black, Clear, Logo, next slide within an item.

Why is this feature important to you?

We are intending to use an Elgato Stream Deck as a shotbox control surface to simplify the show control of our services. We can already control our PTZ cameras, OBS Studio, recording and streaming with the Stream Deck and Bitfocus Companion. The only thing remaining is control of EasyWorship which is proving difficult to achieve without a proper support module.

I notice that Renewed Vision have published a support module for ProPresenter and it would be great if Softouch could do the same for EasyWorship - it would be a great complement to the forthcoming Alternate Output!

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I for one would love to see EasyWorship and Companion integrated.  We are working to get our board and cameras setup to be managed via a combination of Stream Desk (reg) and a copy on an iPad.  The complicated piece is tying Easy Worship in to that workflow.

Thanks for starting this!


This is an absolute necessity! 

I am building a set of automations for my church based on the COmpanion/Bitfocus / streamdeck platform and if we cant get easyworship to communicate we may have to go to ProPresenter

it isnt that hard and will make the world of difference for us to stay in a familiar eco system

We have achieved remote control of Easyworship in Bitfocus Companion by using VICREO listener.  (  It is basically a listener that allows you to send keystrokes to the machine running EasyWorship.  You can then configure buttons on the streamdeck to send whatever keystrokes you have in your EasyWorship mapping.  It gets a but clumsy for song changing, but prev/next and "V1" "V2" "C" etc. are all possible.

We are working on the Companion support at this time. It should be available in the coming weeks.

Thanks @Dan Willard - this will be AWESOME to put into production!!!

@Dan Willard: I'd be willing to beta test, if you need someone. I have a standard (15-key) StreamDeck and access to a couple of machines of various capabilities running EasyWorship 7.

Thanks! We have run into a minor setback with the developer working on this, but now have someone else working on it. I will post here when we have something available.

Thank you for continuing to push this forward. Still very interested in seeing this in production

Just wanted to update everyone in this thread that we do have a Companion plugin available now. You can search in Companion for EasyWorship and add it.

Hopefully, this helps all of you using Companion!

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