Alternate Output is almost here!

You've been asking and we've been listening. 
Coming soon to EasyWorship subscription: Alternate Output will finally be here to make your livestreaming even easier! Use the Main Output for your songs and sermons, Foldback for whoever is on stage, and Alternate Output for environmental in-house projection OR to give your online viewers a different display. It's entirely up to you. We love giving you as many options as possible so you can create the best worship experience for your church.

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I wouldn't count on it. They have stated emphatically that a full purchase is not eligible for feature upgrades period. You are only entitled to bug fixes, stability, security updates. We can't even purchase the new feature upgrade until EW8 (or whatever the next full version will be named). . 

 Everyone needs to remember that there is such a vast amount of differing hardware and software combinations out there that EW Support would not be able to even come close to testing on every one of them. So what works on 99% of those combinations might not work on that 1%. So when you report an issue you need to provide detailed specs of your hardware and software, such as Version and Build of Windows, PowerPoint, Drivers, etc. so EW can determine if the underlying issue is caused by one or more of them. The more details you include the better. Usually it's better to include to much info than not enough.

One way to include a lot of useful details is by including the results from DXDIAG. 

Click on the Windows icon (Start menu) at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen,

Type in "DXDIAG" and click on 'DXDIAG.exe' or 'DXDIAG run command',

Click Yes when a yes/no question appears,

Click on Save All Information.. at the bottom-right of the DXDIAG window,

Save the information under an obvious name such as "dxdiagoutput_your user name",

Attach the saved file with your post.

This is what a Beta Program is for.

Does this answer your question?

This is a screengrab from our livestream.

It works for me - doing lower thirds on ndi output to obs

All outputs should work through NDI on the Beta.

Is the Alternate Output over NDI not supposed to work just yet?   I can stream an output via NDI on my main version of  EW 7 to vMix but when I try it on the Beta version it does not work on either the alternate output or the main output.  Just wanted to play around with it but I can't seem to get it to work correctly.

This is great news and it's good to hear that you are considering making features available for one-time purchase users.

Yes, you can set a different theme for the Alternate out than the main out

forgot to say over the ndi output

does the alternative ouput do different font/background/lower thirds than main?

I hadn't seen that, but it is possible that I missed that post.

We have stated a couple of times since the release of the beta that we are discussing internally a way to make these features available for one-time purchase users. We have not come to a final decision yet, but there is a good possibility there will be a way for you to get them.

Do I understand this feature is only being made available to the users of the subscription model of EasyWorhip? If we have purchased EasyWorship this will not come as an update? This is a feature that would be very useful. If it's not being made available to churches that have purchased the full program that's unfortunate.

As of now, and actually from the release of subscription, if you bought the one-time purchase license, you only get bug fix updates and not feature updates. This has been stated clearly on our website, so by agreeing to buy the one-time purchase, you agreed to not get feature updates until the next full release. (unless you switch to subscription). However, that being said, there are talks about a way for one-time purchasers to get this feature update. We have not come to a decision or conclusion on this yet, but we will let you know when we make that final decision, and it will be posted on our purchasing page when it's released.

That is correct. When I asked about how Church's that purchased it outright would be able to get this update they stated that we would have to wait until the next version (presumably EW 8) is released. No way for us to purchase that update. Since our Church stopped Live Streaming I didn't bother to pursue it further.