Upgrade from 2009

Good morning from Auckland New Zealand

We are wanting to upgrade from 2009 EW and need to know if we can migrate the Mass settings and hymns added to the data base as these are important for us in New Zealand.  If this can be done, please advise how we can achieve this.  Our give us a phone number and we can call you.

We have pourchased a new laptop forthe church and are keen to ip date.

Many thanks for your reply.

God bless

Pauline Trembath, Pastoral Coordinator for St Mary's Parish Northcote,, Auckland, New Zealand.

You can use the Profile   Transfer Tool <- This is the link to it. 

Once you install EW 7 on the new  machine you will import your data using the tool above over to the new machine. 

Many thanks Terry

Pauline Trembath

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