Easyworship and vmix and outputs

We have easy worship and just got Vmix. We use easyworship to set up our backgrounds for verses and lyrics which we use to just

send to our projectors in the sanctuary. We are using Vmix for our streaming needs. We just use easyworship as an input and display

the words over the live camera that we stream. What we would like to do is to have easyworship generate the background and for verses 

and lyrics that we send to the inhouse projectors, we would like a second image of just the lyrics or verses that we can use as an input 

in Vmix to display over the live camera image we stream. Is this possible?

I know we can do that and we are in the same situation. I will post here when I find the resolution. Thanks!

Currently EW cannot do what you are asking for. The only way would be to run two PC's, one for the live screen for the audience and the other for the stream.

It is possible - I have done it, to run both vMix and EW on the same computer and use either a green screen background which you chroma key out in vMix so only the words show, or you can use the NONE background for your words and pick up the Ew output via NDI - all on the one PC. 

However, when doing this you are switching between programs. So, you set up your vMix background/video click the overlay you have set - 1 to 4 which then overlay the song words, then go to your second monitor and run EW to index through the song. If you click back on vMix though you can't advance song words in EW. You probably would not want to try switching/mixing camera feeds in vMix while doing this unles you had a lot of text on screen which would give you time to switch program coontorl. It does work and I have even used that method for the preachers PP, advancing the slides myself then sending them live in vMix when required.You do a lot of switching back and forth betwen the two programs.

I used this method when we were not allowed to use the church due to Covid lockdown, at all and all components of the church service were prerecorded and the PP supplied - and streamed from home - as a full regular church service.

Now we are back in the church I use the church PC to run just a black - NONE background screen and outputting via NDI  with words as lower thirds set up for the live stream - bit boring for those in the church but they are not allowed to sing anyway! That NDI stream is picked up by vMix. That leaves the projector to get its signal. We are running the NDI Studio Monitor on output 3 of EW. This is also the same output the projector is using. So the NDI Moniotor is picking up the NDI output of EW

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