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Support Presentation Export to PowerPoint Format

How would you like the feature to work? Right click an Easyworship Presentation, select export to PowerPoint. Why is this feature important to you? Currently EW7 only allows exporting/saving a presentation in eswx format. Our volunteers including church secretary need to update the presentation slides on their computers which don't have EW7 installed.

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You can install EW on how every many machines you have at your one churches geographical location. So if you church campus has computers in every room and someone needs to install EW to work on it for the church service that is fine. You can also install it on your home machine if you are using it to work on the service for the church and also if you have an off site youth campus as well. 

It would be handy to have this feature. There has been the odd Sunday where our multiple screen environment decides not to work.  And at a moments notice it would be nice to be able to export the EW song slides to powerpoint so we can have some projection. Otherwise it means somebody preparing a powerpoint backup just in case.  Just my 2 bits.  Thanks for the amazing software.

As a small town country pastor who builds my messages on EasyWorship and gets invited to speak at other churches in the region who DON'T have EasyWorship, I can confirm that this feature would be fantastic. I've been checking in for a few years now to see if it has been adopted or googling to see if a file converter exists....If you can import from PowerPoint, surely you'd be able to reverse that process so we can export to PowerPoint as well? This would really help out for portability and flexibility; my entire PREACHABLE sermon archive is stored in EasyWorship format and being able to just export it to PP for visiting other churches would be ideal and save a lot of time recreating slides I've already prepared, practiced and performed in EasyWorship format.

Pastor’s notes typically contain a lot of scripture references. His next slide is often color-coded and highlighted to make that same text easier to understand. All that information is lost when you export to text, which is currently the only option in EW. We would love to be able to allow our congregants to download his notes as study guides in full color as displayed on screen. If there is a license issue with using the PowerPoint format, we would be happy with an export or print to PDF. That shouldn’t have any license issues.

I agree, this feature would be revolutionary for church presentation. 

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