animated backgrounds

I'm running powerpoint slides with animated backgrounds. I have found that when the animation starts it runs for 30 seconds, then the animation stops. If I hit the arrow next to the mute button, the animation starts backup and continues to play until you go to the next card. Is there a way to set the animation to constantly run until you go to the next slide without it stopping after 30 seconds? 

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You have to do that in the Powerpoint presentation itself.

  1. Open the file in PowerPoint
  2. Go to the PPT Slide with a video you want to loop
  3. Select the video
  4. Click on the "Playback" tab under "Video" on the Ribbon
  5. Put a Check Mark in the "Loop until Stopped" box.
  6. Do this for any slides you want to Loop
  7. Save and Exit.
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