Cannot import any Powerpoint files

I'm currently migrating my database to a new laptop. We're running EW6.7.14.0, and Office 2013. I cannot import any PowerPoint presentations into EW, regardless of source or location. I've tried using pp files from another computer as well as building a small test presentation on the new machine. I've already tried repairing Office, both quick and full repairs. I've also run the remove registry keys program. At this point I'm still getting the greyed out thumbnails with exclamation point. The new machine is more than capable of running Easyworship. I guess I'm not really sure what to try next. I don't know that building presentations within EW is a great option for us, as we typically have different personnel building the presentations and worship schedule. any ideas?

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I am having the exact same problem. I had to install EW6 on a backup laptop after my main was damaged at an outdoor Christmas event.

  • Previous laptop was Windows 10 running EW6, OpenOffice suite, and a Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer program. No problems with presentations saved in .ppt format in OpenOffice.
  • Current laptop is Windows 10 running EW6.7.14, OpenOffice suite, but I am unable to find the same Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer program as before. .ppt files appear in EW, but grayed out with triangle yellow explanation point.

Wow, no responses from anyone in three months?

I texted at length with someone from the support staff. He was unable to come up with a solution. At that point my choices were to pay for a remote sesdion with hopes that it would be fixed, or to pay for EW7 for a remote session that would solve the issue. I understand the upgrade portion since they need to pay the bills too, so we purchased it outright. I haven't had a chance to set up a remote session yet, but will try to post the reults when I do.


John Weston, Microsoft no longer makes the PPT viewer available and hasn't for several years. Also, the last version is based on PPT 2010 that is no longer receiving updates so even if you can find a copy to download it is a security risk to do so. The best solution in your case is to install a regular/full version of PPT to play your PPTs.

Terry Lutzow, have you tried creating a new, default profile to see if PPT works with that? And as for using EW Presentations, you can install EW on all of the computers that people would use to create the presentations. You do not need to activate or register them to be able to create schedules, presentations, etc. and export them for use on your projection system.

I have tried creating ppt files on other computers and bringing them onto the actual presentation machine - no joy. I have also tried multiple versions of Powerpoint with no success. I've gone as far as to do complete reinstalls and refreshed Windows back to the factory state. My guess is that there's a registry value trying to point EW towards Office 365, even though we use 2013 or 2016 (can't remember off the top of my head). I also tried the MS tool to remove Office in hopes of correcting the possibility of the issue with multiple versions of Office scenario. Other than a remote session I exhausted all ideas that I had as well as those of EW support. I did not think of trying a new profile, so when I get a chance I'll give that a shot. Otherwise it's the remote  session route for us. 

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