Video output question

 We are currently using EasyWorship 6 for scripture and song lyrics doing the church service. We are planning to add a LED wall to our stage at the church.  Is there a way I can configure EasyWorship 6 to send a video signal to current monitors in the sanctuary,  and send a different signal video signal to the LED wall on the stage?  Currently, we are using 2 monitors in the sanctuary to display the scriptures and songs, and in the future we will be adding a LED wall and I want to know how I can configure it all... Not sure if I need to add some type of device such as NDI, but any help with this is appreciated....

There is currently not a way to do this. You would need 2 computers running EasyWorship. Our developers are working on adding multiple outputs in a future release, but it will not be added to EW6.

Ok, thanks Dan!!!!

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