EasyWorship Output Control

EW has a different strategy from what we are doing, you bring the camera's into Easy worship, we are mixing the EW output with the cameras. We are more flexible to create a nice live stream. I am missing an EW function to control external equipment. I see two solutions to solve this:

a) I want two additional fields on a slide, a schedule item, and a template for pre and a post action on a sheet. As soon as a slide is selected the pre action is send to external hardware and as soon EW leaves the item the post action will be send to the external hardware to be executed. If this functionality is available technical people can integrate EW into their own system. In that case we will use it for video control maybe others for audio control. 

b) A more dedicated solution for specific hardware. So, integration on Atem video mixers, commonly used by churches, and integration with PTZ cameras using the VISCA protocol on IP. I want to specify which preset on which camera I want to use for a slide. There are also some slides where I want to switch the AUX-output to a specific source or to show something in PIP. 

When this integration is fully done I need only one volunteer to control both the presentation as the video control instead of a separate video and presentation volunteer.

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This feature will help us to get a better stream with less volunteers. Consider to implement this as midi output. Atem switchers can already be controlled by midi commands.

I doudt if this will result in less volunteers. The effort to prepare this will be a lot more. The flexibility that normally comes from the video operator is gone. We have so many dynamic moments during a service, that this would result in more stress for the operator because the object are not (fully) framed. I definitely would not want to be the operator in this case.
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