[v6 General Discussion] Scripture selection problem

I just entered Acts 8.4 and hit enter. The resource pane showed Acts 8.4, but the preview and live windows showed Acts 8.1. I had to click on a different verse in the resource pane, then click Acts 8.4 again before I could go live with it.

This is similar to a problem we saw occasionally in EW 2009. When entering a verse in the teens (10, 11, etc) EW would display verse 1. It would not display the desired verse until we went live with a different verse first.

This is build 7.5. I'm never taking notes when this happens, but seems like last week the previous scripture was verse 1 of a different book/chapter. It's like the verse variable didn't get updated. Have to trigger an event that updates that variable before it will go live with anything other than the (incorrectly) displayed verse.

I am not able to recreate this in EW 6.7.5 are you running an older build number?