[v6 General Discussion] Full Powerpoint Issue

Ok, here is the background:

I have two Dell Laptops running EasyWorship 6. One was used and still has installed EasyWorship 2009.

One will display Powerpoint files just fine, the other shows just a black screen. See Systems below.

Laptop One has Windows 7 64BIT, running Office 2013 32BIT, it has a Nvidia Card in it. It has the KLite codecs installed. This was our old setup machine. This one runs Powerpoint files in EasyWorship 6 just fine. I don't use Powerpoint view one either machine, just FULL office 2013.

Laptop Two has Windows 8.1 64BIT, running oOfice 32BIT, it has the Intel 4000 video card. No KLite is installed. When I import Powerpoint files the thumb nails show up just fine, but when I go live all I get is a black screen, no slide show. If I run the slideshow from Powerpoint itself, everything works fine on this machine too.

I would like both SYSTEMS to work so I can have a BACKUP machine.


I was testing the Laptop 2 config at work today. If I don't have the laptop connected to a projector and go live the Powerpoint displays fine. In this configuration the laptop is using DUPICATE desktop mode. When we run it at church connected to the projector we run it in extended desktop mode.
We released an update today (build 1.3) that fixes some PPT issues. You might download it and see if that will fix the issue.
Version 6.1.3 did NOT correct my PowerPoint issues. I have tried uploading the most current PP Viewer and tried running with PP app, but every new PP presentation I attempt to Go Live with in a schedule flickers, then freezes EW. Live Output area (and display) go black. Same thing happens running a Dell Laptop with a Mobile Intel Chipset card and a HP desktop with a AMD Ratheon R7 card (through a Matrox Dual Head2Go splitter).

Never had this many issues with EW 2009. Very frustrating!

Please help!

Version 1.3 did not fix the issue.

I think the issue is being in Extended Desktop mode.

In Duplicate mode it works fine.
A word of advice: We used to use only laptops also, and eventually got tired of fighting the war. As laptops and operating systems and graphic drivers change, so do the problems. You learn now to make one system work when ... look out ... here comes another. It just got old.

PC's are clumsy, especially when going remote, but that's all we'll do now. Some of the Dell GX series are at least small. Just drag a keyboard, monitor, and mouse along and all your problems will be over.

Our church IS currently looking into MAC laptops. The relationship between Microsoft and the laptop makers will ALWAYS be like a cart full of eggs and milk cans rolling downhill without brakes.


I'm seeing the same issue on a Win8.1 64 laptop - the preview works fine, but going live presents a black screen on the external monitor.

On our desktop PC at church I see 'almost the opposite' - previews are all black, but when going live it works perfectly on the FOH screens.

It's very frustrating !!

On an old PC I use at home to prepare, EW6 doesn't show anything (songs, presentation, scripture) - always a black screen both in preview & live.
I discussed this before with EasyWorship team with an early Alpha and was told there was a minimum spec for the graphics - my old PC wasn't up to it!

It does seem that EW6 is much more fussy than 2009 regarding graphics support - I'm thinking right now it's too fussy to be useful...

UPDATE: We saved as PPT 2003-2007 and loaded it from the gear box/drop down in the top right corner of the "schedule." It then loaded but still left black for the preview images and appears correctly through the projector.

"We have been using EasyWorship 6 for a few months. We have been using Windows 7 64 bit. Our desktop was built brand new. We have a brand new motherboard, processor, hard drive, graphics cards, RAM, power supply and disc drives. EVERYTHING is new and was purposely built so EasyWorship 6 would run appropriately. The only thing I have left is to double the RAM and considering using an SSD drive.

This last week I began running into issues with Power Point 2013 working in EasyWorship 6. I came in last Sunday and removed Microsoft Office 365 and downloaded a new copy of Microsoft Office 2013 w/license. The Power Points still appeared to work that day. The following Thursday night, when I loaded PPT13 slides for announcements, in "All Presentations" it appeared but was grayed out with a yellow triangle and an exclamation point. It would not allow me to put it in the schedule for service. I had some PPT's loaded before and they worked but not when adding new ones.

I found a post that indicated we needed PPT Viewer. So I loaded that and also found a service pack for Windows 7. I loaded them both and worked. I rebooted our PC. I tried the PPT's and everything worked. Tonight, I came in and when I tried to load an updated PPT file, it was grayed out in "All Presentations" with NO yellow triangle or exclamation point. Almost as if it is trying to load it but doesn't finish.

Secondary note, in between it working and not working, the PPT files no longer showed images of the slides in preview. They were all black. When it was on live, it appeared correctly on the projector but there was no way to tell what you were clicking on. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated."
thinks for sharing the post ( cdiamond )
Thanks for sharing. I too have had many problems trying to use PowerPoint files with EasyWorship 6. They run fine on EW 2009.

When using EW6 the PP files will run some of the time but not very often. Many grey thumbnails and exclamation marks.
Has anyone found out how to resolve the PowerPoint problem? I did the latest easy worship update tonight and now I can't even bring a PowerPoint presentation into easyworship without it shutting down the program.