[v6 General Discussion] Scripture selection problem

I just entered Acts 8.4 and hit enter. The resource pane showed Acts 8.4, but the preview and live windows showed Acts 8.1. I had to click on a different verse in the resource pane, then click Acts 8.4 again before I could go live with it.

This is similar to a problem we saw occasionally in EW 2009. When entering a verse in the teens (10, 11, etc) EW would display verse 1. It would not display the desired verse until we went live with a different verse first.


I am not able to recreate this in EW 6.7.5 are you running an older build number?
This is build 7.5. I'm never taking notes when this happens, but seems like last week the previous scripture was verse 1 of a different book/chapter. It's like the verse variable didn't get updated. Have to trigger an event that updates that variable before it will go live with anything other than the (incorrectly) displayed verse.