[v6 General Discussion] Keyboard Shortcuts?

Where do I find a list of keyboard shortcuts?

Some forum posts seem to imply that EW6 can be run during live presentation without the use of a mouse, but I can't figure out how that would be done. The arrow keys only navigate within one song; can't figure out how to go live with the next song without using the mouse.

Thanks for bringing this to mind. I've added this to my list of things to add to documentation.
Thanks Rodger. Appreciated.

A bit more feedback: when someone is looking for keyboard shortcuts, and they are directed to a page about remotes, not only is that a bit off, but the page itself doesn't really list the keyboard shortcut; it simply lists the associated ASCII codes. I was clueless these numbers were ASCII codes til you just pointed that out.

What I'm really looking for is a list of keyboard shortcuts. When I press Control+E, what does it do? When I press Control+Z, what does that do. The manual could really use a list of these keyboard shortcuts, not just a list of ASCII codes for remapping a remote.

But I appreciated the map of ASCII codes; that will help me remap the go live command to a different key.
Here is a list of common keys:

BackSpace = 8 LeftArrow = 37
UpArrow = 38 RightArrow = 39
DownArrow = 40 SpaceBar = 32
PGUP = 33 PGDN = 34
End = 35 Home = 36
.(Period) 190 Escape(ESC) = 27

A thru Z = 65 thru 90

A 65 | M 77 | Y 89
B 66 | N 78 | Z 90
C 67 | O 79
D 68 | P 80
E 69 | Q 81
F 70 | R 82
G 71 | S 83
H 72 | T 84
I 73 | U 85
J 74 | V 86
K 75 | W 87
L 76 | X 88


F1 = 112 F2 = 113
F3 = 114 F4 = 115
F5 = 116 F6 = 117
F7 = 118 F8 = 119
F9 = 120 F10 = Reserved for System Use
F11 = 122 F12 = 123

Get a full list of http://help.adobe.com/en_US/AS2LCR/Flash_10.0/help.html?content=00000520.html:zt32qx2c]ASCII Keyboard Codes from here.
So the page down key on our laptop is way off and up to the right. Nowhere near the arrow keys. I see that I can reassign keyboard shortcuts. Please tell me the following:
What are the numbers for the arrows key?
Left arrow:
Right arrow:
Up arrow:
Down arrow:

Thank you.
Some feedback: Instructions about a presenter remote is an odd place to look for keyboard shortcuts. We don't use a presenter remote, so I would not think to look under instructions for a remote when what I really want are keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate around EW.

The EW manual would be greatly improved if it included a list of keyboard shortcuts.