[v6 General Discussion] Keyboard Shortcuts?

Where do I find a list of keyboard shortcuts?

Some forum posts seem to imply that EW6 can be run during live presentation without the use of a mouse, but I can't figure out how that would be done. The arrow keys only navigate within one song; can't figure out how to go live with the next song without using the mouse.

Some feedback: Instructions about a presenter remote is an odd place to look for keyboard shortcuts. We don't use a presenter remote, so I would not think to look under instructions for a remote when what I really want are keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate around EW.

The EW manual would be greatly improved if it included a list of keyboard shortcuts.
So the page down key on our laptop is way off and up to the right. Nowhere near the arrow keys. I see that I can reassign keyboard shortcuts. Please tell me the following:
What are the numbers for the arrows key?
Left arrow:
Right arrow:
Up arrow:
Down arrow:

Thank you.
Here is a list of common keys:

BackSpace = 8 LeftArrow = 37
UpArrow = 38 RightArrow = 39
DownArrow = 40 SpaceBar = 32
PGUP = 33 PGDN = 34
End = 35 Home = 36
.(Period) 190 Escape(ESC) = 27

A thru Z = 65 thru 90

A 65 | M 77 | Y 89
B 66 | N 78 | Z 90
C 67 | O 79
D 68 | P 80
E 69 | Q 81
F 70 | R 82
G 71 | S 83
H 72 | T 84
I 73 | U 85
J 74 | V 86
K 75 | W 87
L 76 | X 88


F1 = 112 F2 = 113
F3 = 114 F4 = 115
F5 = 116 F6 = 117
F7 = 118 F8 = 119
F9 = 120 F10 = Reserved for System Use
F11 = 122 F12 = 123

Get a full list of http://help.adobe.com/en_US/AS2LCR/Flash_10.0/help.html?content=00000520.html:zt32qx2c]ASCII Keyboard Codes from here.
Thanks Rodger. Appreciated.

A bit more feedback: when someone is looking for keyboard shortcuts, and they are directed to a page about remotes, not only is that a bit off, but the page itself doesn't really list the keyboard shortcut; it simply lists the associated ASCII codes. I was clueless these numbers were ASCII codes til you just pointed that out.

What I'm really looking for is a list of keyboard shortcuts. When I press Control+E, what does it do? When I press Control+Z, what does that do. The manual could really use a list of these keyboard shortcuts, not just a list of ASCII codes for remapping a remote.

But I appreciated the map of ASCII codes; that will help me remap the go live command to a different key.
Thanks for bringing this to mind. I've added this to my list of things to add to documentation.