Secondary NDI Output

In the age of NDI it would be very helpful to allow for an NDI output that is a separate output than the LIVE output. 

EW is a great program but It is frustrating that I can't use EasyWorship to do this already without having to have another volunteer man a separate computer and try to keep up with me as I go through lyrics/scriptures etc.

Example: My live output is fed to my FOH projectors with full formatting and all the normal things (motions or what have you) but the NDI output is formattable so I can use it as an overlay with Chromakey formatting in my video production software.

Thoughts? Is this something that is in the works? I tried to search but didn't see anything relevant. 


Trevor - IBC Media Ministry

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This sound very similar to what I am wanting to do.

I want to be able to have an NDI feed that is similar to that of Pro Presenter that allows me so sent the words direct to my mixing software (EG: OBS) without the background images, but also allows include items such as videos to also be sent when the minister is using it as part of the sermon.

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This is a must for our church. We are reopening our Sunday gatherings in 9 days and I am expected to keep a livestream for those that aren't ready/able to return to public gatherings. Is this happening? I'm seeing that this has been a feature request for at least a couple years. Please don't make me switch to Pro Presenter. I have been happy with EasyWorship and really can't handle learning a new system right now..... (*nervous laugh)

I am sorry but at this time the only way you would be able to do this is to use Two computers.  Which can using midi. Here is an article on how to do this. 

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