Polling Feature With Live Results



  • How would you like the feature to work?
  • I would like a live-result polling option utilizing a completely separate app for attendees to be able to download and use. I would like the app to be completely separated from other control apps for easy worship. Something with a unique name. The polling feature would show questions on the screen and allow people to choose answers. Then, we could project the results through Easy Worship to the screen.

  • Why is this feature important to you?
  • This would be a great feature for sermon and classroom use to get a feel for where people are at in their mindsets. It would also allow anonymous answering to some weighty issues depending on how the questions were asked.

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All you have to do is add a webpage to your schedule that shows the Live Poll Results. You can get the link from that page inside Polleverywhere. Once scheduled, you just go live with that page to show the results.

Thanks Craig! It looks like we can use this option in our youth group meetings if we have someone at the PC EW is installed on. I am still hoping for an EW option that can be entirely run from a Wi-Fi tablet/phone. As EW is right now, one needs a person at the computer it is installed on to update or change the schedule. As you probably already now, a connected device can display things already in the schedule, but there is no access to add things. I get it because the resources (media, songs etc) are on the PC running EW. For Polleverywhere, we need an operator at the PC, right? Hoping EW will make a solution that can be entirely operated from devices connected wirelessly to EW. Thank you for the option we can use until EW develops a better one. Appreciate your reply!

We do this using http://polleverywhere.com/. We just show the live results web page in EW. Works great.

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