Allow NDI for Foldback

How would you like the feature to work?

  • Allow the foldback monitor to go to NDI

Why is this feature important to you?

  • Allows both the Primary Output and the Foldback output to be controlled by our Video Control Software.

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More and more churches are live streaming now. When we are able to meet back together, the live stream will continue. But we'll have to make a choice between streaming lyrics online or projecting them on a screen. Providing NDI as an output option for the foldback screen would be the perfect solution.

Another option would be the ability to set the background for the foldback screen to a solid color. Then we could use the chromakey feature in Wirecast (or OBS) to capture the screen and make the background transparent. This would not be as ideal as having the NDI output, but would suffice.

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Yes please!

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Yes please

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We have had some people allowed in the church but only limited numbers. It seems that the rules will be relaxed further soon but we will still be streaming to many members who will be watching live - and want to song along. That get awkward when we have people in the church which are currently seeing what words low on a black background - not all that nice in the church but fine for the lower thirds on the live stream! We have had singers on the platform - socially distanced who read the words off the rear screen (third output) If they are formatted for lower thirds, they are then way too small for those on the platform to be able to read so for us, using the 3rd monitor output for lower thirds is not really an option.

We really need EW to fast track an extra output that can be formatted different to the other outputs.

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If you run the free VMix NDI utility on your EW PC, you can pick up any of the three EW screens as NDI feeds via your network into software such as VMix.or probably EW 7 running on another PC (have not tried with EW though but it does work in VMix)

This is outside of the capabilities of the NDI built in to EW but the two co-exist happily. We use it every week.

I'm very surprised that EasyWorship cannot output the foldback to NDI, I could really use this right now as we return from lockdown and start in-person services and live streaming.

I really need the ability to live stream lyrics and simultaneously run to the main monitor. 

This is a must for us. We are reopening our church in 9 days and I am expected to keep a live stream available for those that aren't ready/able to return to our Sunday gatherings. Is this happening or not? I'll be pricing ProPresenter in the meantime.

We’ve been back in our sanctuary for 3 weeks now. We are outputting the main monitor to an NDI stream and using our foldback setting for our in sanctuary monitors. It means our lyrics are all white words on a black background. Videos and images show up just fine. We have some black bars surrounding images and videos in the sanctuary, but I’ve not tried adjusting settings to get rid of those. Hope this helps some of you as you transition back to worshiping together. Foldback NDI capability would fix all this.

We are also using the Fold Back for the main projector while using the NDI through vMix for our Live Stream.

There are several downsides to using the Fold Back for the main projector:

  1. Clear/Black/Logo do not work, so you have to insert blank slides instead in the song.
  2. As Trey said, you don't have the kind of control for fonts/position as you do in the main screen.
  3. Copyright does not show on fold back.
We really, really need the ability for multiple screens, such as Pro Presenter has!
We will seriously look to transitioning to Pro Presenter if we continue to hear crickets from Easy Worship.  It's a shame.

What Alvin, Richard, Trey and Tyler said.

As an update to this, we use Wirecast which has recently added a feature that is helpful. It's called "Luma Key" and allows you to set a black background as transparent. We tested it out this week and it works great. We were able to use Desktop Presenter to bring the foldback output display in Wirecast. We cropped and resized the layer and set the Luma Key to remove the black background. Viola! We have lyrics on our livestream without a background!

@Easyworship Tech Team - Any insight to this? Still awaiting answers and options. It's a necessary option for those of us looking at full-time livestreaming from here on out. 

Related to this, I would also like the ability to output the foldback to both a local HDMI and NDI at the same time.

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