Add a presenter view mode like in powerpoint in EW7

It would be great if we could display the powerpoint on the foldback display, in a presenter view like in powerpoint. Right now i can't use easyworship to display the presentation because our pastors need to see is actual slide and the next one and he can also see is notes. So this way he can stay focus on is sermont 

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Powerpoint presentations with attached notes for the presenter to refer to are getting to be very prevalent in our worship services, and frankly, I bought EasyWorship because it said it supported Powerpoint....  Is there a workaround to break out the notes and display them on the foldback screen, or am I expecting too much?  Thanks.

Would be great to have an update here if possible.

Is there an eta for this?

This is a must-have for easy worship to be useful.

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