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Disable Auto-Capitalize

Is there any way we could have a hidden option to disable Auto-Capitalization?

Such as, highlight the Auto-Capitalized letter and do a "Control + letter" to replace it with a lower-case letter.

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This has not been implemented as a feature. You are able to set your auto capitalization settings in Options.

You can turn off the auto-capitalize feature or just remove the words you don't want auto capitalized, like Him or His.

Here is an article that walks you through that.

Changing Auto Capitalization

I saw this comment from 2 years ago about EW 6: "Just wanted to let you know that I added a feature request to be able to override auto caps in a song"

Now I am trying to do the same thing on EW 7. Was this ever addressed? What is the status of this feature request? Trying to turn off capital H on his and him for a song where that pronoun doesn't refer to God.


Yes, PLEASE. An option to un-auto-caps would be wonderful... but I don't need a secret key command. Other options, for example, if I'm typing away in MS Word and it auto-formats my text, a simple undo or backspace and re-type would remove the auto-formatting.

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