Ability to add/edit an item while still being able to transition in a live item with edit window open.

Basically to operate the program (EW) while adding or editing a new item to be scheduled.

An example is; when a new song is entered and during the live presentation there is an error found, we normally just have to live with it because there isn't enough time to change the problem while the song is in progress and the operator is changing the lyrics being displayed.

A second example is if there is something last minute that we want to add to the schedule that we have to enter manually but other than doing it between songs it would take too long to enter the new item while worship or even a sermon is in progress to transition to different lyrics or scheduled verses.

Currently, when editing an item, it locks out access to the main program to allow transition to a different section of the current song being displayed.  Most times, to make an edit, there just isn't enough time to make the change before having to switch lyrics on the display.

What I would want is to make a non-modal screen for editing that would allow the user to switch back to the main screen and transition to another lyric or just do something in the main program while allowing the edit screen to remain open and make the change as time permits so normal processing of the Easy Worship program is still operational.

It is a nuisance item that doesn't happen that often but when it does, it would be awesome to be able to do.


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Add more global hotkeys, e.g. Numpad + and - This feature request could maybe merged with the one for the quick edit window

I like this idea

I have found that the EW remote now allows you to do this.

If you are editing a song you can still advance the current live song using the remote.

Was discussing this on Sunday!
For us, it is the practice session before the service that this would be really helpful so that the operator can tweak / edit the words shown whilst the worship leader can see in near real time the tweaked version. We're often in the situation where the leader wants to run an additional chorus or repeat a partial verse and it would be great to either click out of the edit window and advance the current song or apply a verse from the current edit.


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Several times over the years I have used EW, I have been asked to put text LIVE on the screen. You can't do that in EW. While there are some workarounds, it would be great if you could actually type text which appeared on screen as you typed - or edited text.

Such a feature would add a lot of versatility to EW.

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An added feature could be an apply button that updates to the live screen/item whiles the edit window is still open.

While I don't like editing and setting up new songs during a program, there are times you just have to do it. I agree with Roger this would be a great feature if possible to implement.

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