Themes to remember last used location

How would you like the feature to work?
All tabs in the database (Songs, Scriptures, Media, Presentation) remember your last used location EXCEPT Themes. It always reverts back to the Song/Scripture/Presentation folder dependent on where you are clicking FROM. I would like to see Themes remember my last location down in Collections.

Why is this feature important to you?
I am now working a lot with Themes and it is a pain to have to click down on the folder I want it to stay on every time I come back to the Themes tab. I understand why it was decided to work the way it does, but if you use Collections, the way it is now is frustrating.

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Changed to implemented. It is not in the current version. Does this mean it is implemented in a future version?


Sorry about that, that has not changed, however the developers did make it so that if you were on songs, and go to themes it will always load song themes, if you were on scriptures and go to themes it will load scripture themes and so on for Presentations. This is to accommodate the compose function that allows you to click on a song, a theme and go live. I'll take the implemented off of this, since it did not get implemented exactly as requested. 

This is the exact request I'd make, for the same reasons. The more we take advantage of themes, the more of an urgent ask this is.


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