Option to have Text cleared from Foldback screen when it's cleared on the Live Screen

At present when you clear the text from the Live screen the selected text from scriptures and songs still shows on the foldback screen.  This can confuse a speaker who sees the screen changing when your are pre-cueing the next scripture or searching down a list of scriptures or the pastor deviates from the list and jumps around in the schedule.  This scenario may result in text not related to what the speaker is saying appearing on the screen till it is correct or needed. 

To prevent this confusing scenario it would be great of having the option to clear the text from the foldback screen when the live text is cleared.  This also has the added benefit of letting the pastor know that what he sees on the foldback screen is live behind him on the Live screen so he can reference text when it's up to be seen.  

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Do you know if there's been an update on this?  We're running into the same issue, switching over from propresenter. It would be nice to have the option to clear the foldback screen when the live feed is cleared.

This feature is on our features request list. We will mark it as "Taken" when our development team adds it to a development cycle. 

I would like get more information on how you would like this implemented.

Where would you like the control to turn this feature on and off?

Some customers don't want foldback cleared, so we'll have to provide some way of telling EW to clear foldback and front or just front of house. 

It seems to me that this control would be controlled in the dialog for turning on the Foldback feature.

As far as implementation, I wonder if simply changing the text colour to something such as red or a bold box being drawn around the screen.

This is something I use (read: problem I have) weekly so I would appreciate a quick implementation. Perhaps it could be implemented with consideration that it could be changed as feedback is given with regard to the effectiveness of the method.

I am one of those who would prefer the text visible but marked in a way that clearly indicates a blank / or black main screen. Perhaps that is something that could also be made optional in the main setup dialog box. If it's something people need to change on the fly, perhaps a button on the toolbar could be useful too.

With thanks for your consideration...

You know, what if there was some indication on the foldback that the main screen is cleared. Maybe a bright orange label on foldback that says "Not Displayed" or something? I dunno, just a thought.


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To follow with Craig's thought, what about a bright orange X?

It could be at the top-left corner of the Foldback window.

The X would leave more space and be less conspicuous for the speaker/choir/other.

Only problem with the X is that would have to be explained to each person who it might effect. Having a descriptive word or two might be better.


This is a great idea, as we run into same issue.

For now, my workaround was to create a blank song, with Default background and call it "001 Blank Foldback"

This way it appears at the top of my Song Database list or its easier to search 001, then try and remember title.

Load the Blank Song to your Live screen, which is covered by Logo and which blanks out your Foldback screen.

On top of that, is there any way to ONLY show the fold back on the 3rd monitor? 2nd monitor is seen by the audience, while the 3rd monitor by the Worship Leader.

You can always put a black image in the schedule. That will clear from both screens.

Potentially the text on the stage screen is a useful way of telling the worship leader what the projectionist thinks the next item will be, thereby giving the leader the chance of speaking the verse / chorus if the projectionist has got it wrong. However for this to work, you need a screen at the back of the room so the worship leader / speaker can see what really is being projected, (something / nothing is all they need to be able to read) and some really well trained worship leaders! 

Hi Fung, yes that is the purpose of the foldback. You may need to contact us at support@easyworship.com for technical support.

This is a much needed feature for us too and have the same problems as Shawn. It can be really distracting for the pastor/leader to see unrelated text on the Foldback monitor. The last of this has prevented us from implementing the foldback features in our church.

I think this is a valuable feature as it gives the worship leader a clue as to where the projectionist thinks the song is going, giving the leader time to announce something different is he / she is wrong.

If you want black on both screens then use a black slide.

However, what would be helpful is a thumbnail on the foldback screen showing the live output. This would enable the more observant worship leader to see whether the words are being projected or not.. It could be top left to balance the time t the top right.

Any update on this? Super helpful. We do scriptures on the fly and our Pastor thinks we're messing up when he calls for the new scripture and the old one still shows on Foldback. Being able to clear it would be awesome.

Hi Terrel,

There doesn't seem to be an update.  I can share what we do.  We have a blank song called "01 Foldback" - this puts it at the top of the Songs list and makes it easy to find.  I load multiple of these, either in between songs, or after powerpoints so they are easy to grab and rearrange on the fly.  This blanks the Front Screens, as well as the foldback monitor, when we send this bank screen live - as it is in the schedule.

Hope this works for you until they can add something official.  :)


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