Option to have Text cleared from Foldback screen when it's cleared on the Live Screen

At present when you clear the text from the Live screen the selected text from scriptures and songs still shows on the foldback screen.  This can confuse a speaker who sees the screen changing when your are pre-cueing the next scripture or searching down a list of scriptures or the pastor deviates from the list and jumps around in the schedule.  This scenario may result in text not related to what the speaker is saying appearing on the screen till it is correct or needed. 

To prevent this confusing scenario it would be great of having the option to clear the text from the foldback screen when the live text is cleared.  This also has the added benefit of letting the pastor know that what he sees on the foldback screen is live behind him on the Live screen so he can reference text when it's up to be seen.  

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I really wish this feature would get implemented. We use the logo in between displaying songs/scriptures, so why couldn't it be configured where the foldback display could just display the logo? Or a blank screen? 

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