Announcement slides and presentation usage idea

I would like to copy existing slides into another EW slide presentation but have to create a new one each time, or edit existing ones. 

What I want to do is to make lots of individual announcement slides that i could then select the required slides to build an announcement loop like I can on Powerpoint. I like the feature on EW6 to make presentations but it is quite time consuming having to make a new presentation each time especially when we have recurring notices that are not used every week. I will probably continue making the announcements in Powerpoint if this feature is not available

I think this feature would be really beneficial.

Thank you


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I was just thinking about how helpful that would be!  For each announcement, I have to do it twice.  The first time in the loop announcement presentation that is played before worship.  The second time is for the end of the service when we display individual announcement slides.

You can add the Presentation to your Schedule, make all of the necessary changes (including a Title change) and then use Check for Changes to add it to the Resources area as an individual item.

Maybe I do not understand, but you can create and save a schedule and then import that schedule into another schedule. Would that work?


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