multiple output

How would you like the feature to work? 

To have the ability to have multiple FOH (front of house) screens from one session of easy worship on one computer.

Why is this feature important to you? 

This would reduce the need to have multiple computers to control different FOH screens. 

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Can you explain this request please.
To have multiple screens all you need is a splitter. Cheaper than multiple outputs cards on your computer and neither involved a change to Easyworship. We have a projector and 3 screens on one output and 2 FOH screens on the Stage Display.
Or perhaps you mean multiple different outputs, perhaps one in English and one in Spanish? Presenetation Manager 5 had this but I think that this would be a major rewrite.
Or perhaps you mean something else???


I am speaking of two screens with two different outputs not one output om two screens. We have 3 screens; two are identical monitors and the other is a larger projection screen. We currently operate them with two different computers; one for the identical monitors and one for the projection screen. It would be nice to operate them from one computer. Also we do not always have the same info on both types of screens.


Stephen Means

OK, so now we need to know what you want to be different on the two outputs. EW already has the ability to have a Stage Screen which shows the main output, clock and next line. Also when "Clear" is pressed the words still come up on the Stage screen.
Is this what you want or is it something different, if so, how different?


I accomplish this with a TripleHead2Go and just position the elements where I want them in the editor. Using this I have a service prelude "song" that plays drone footage on the 2 outside screens and an announcement loop in the center.