Foldback appears small with PowerPoint Files

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We purchased a new computer to meet and exceed the Easy Worship 6 requirements. That includes a EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphic card. We have a Sanyo Projector which projects to a 4:3 screen (1024x768). Our stage monitor is located on the back wall of the worship center and is a large wide-screen Samsung plasma TV. Our PC monitor is a DELL that is also a 1024/768 screen. When showing videos or PowerPoint the foldback is shown in the wide-screen mode, but centers on the screen with a large black border surrounding the picture. I tried changing settings including border settings. No help. When the foldback shows songs it displays fine - it uses all the wide-screen TV with large white words on a black background. Very good! However the Praise team cannot see the words on the video songs (Integrity Hossana iDVD) with the downsized video. I had the projector connected to the graphic card via the HDMI port and ran a HDMI cable to the projector which connected to the DVI-D port with an adapter. It worked fine in the digital mode. The Samsung TV was connected to the graphic card by the Display Port with a VGA adapter and VGA cable to the VGA port on the TV. It also functioned fine (other than the downsized picture on video and PowerPoint. The PC monitor was connected to the graphic card by the DVI port and a VGA adapter with VGA cable to the Dell monitor. 

If I turned off (unchecked) the foldback option all that was seen on the Samsung TV was the desktop background. I had hoped it would show the same as the projected screen (shown to congregation) in full screen.

I solved my dilemma by returning our system to the previously used configuration which eliminated the possibility of using the foldback option (which I would like to use but with the full screen displayed on the TV). This is how it is now set up: HDMI port blank. Display Port with VGA adapter and VGA cable to a VGA splitter. From the VGA splitter VGA cables connect to the Sanyo Projector and to the Samsunt TV (stage monitor). Now I have the house screen being projected at the 4:3 ratio and the Samsung duplicates what is on the house screen and stretches it to full wide screen size (1366x768). Of course NO FOLDBACK function with this setup.

Why is this feature important to you?

While the foldback works very well for SONGS and is a great option, if we have to see the videos in a much smaller size it makes it difficult to impossible for the praise team to read most of the words projected by the video songs being used in worship. I hope this is a feature that can be fixed with Easy Worship 6.


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You all may try to use the EasyWorship Presentation files instead of PowerPoint files.

These match the screen much more appropriately.