Pause/Lock/Freeze the live display

How would you like the feature to work?

This could be a button at the top, that would lock the current live display from changing or advancing. The image being sent to the display projector would remain the same. 

Why is this feature important to you?

It would be incredibly helpful when working with looping powerpoint presentations. Being able to lock what Easyworship displays would prevent the looping announcement slide from moving past what the person on stage is talking about (Instead of having to create two powerpoint files with different settings etc)

It is also useful when needing to make any changes on the fly - to know that the live image will not move or advance by accident is very reassuring.

Locking the output in the event of having to move to another open program would also be reassuring.


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We do use rolling and static versions for our notices, but the static version does occasionally end up with the odd slide that auto-advances, especially when added at the last minute. 

For those of us who try to be accommodating and are willing to accept last minute unchecked material a Screen lock would be useful. 

However I expect preventing other programs from using the screen when taking focus may be less than straightforward.

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