Selecting repeated slide in database EasyWorship6

How would you like the feature to work?

In EasyWorship 2009, when a song was placed in schedule, clicking on the item in the schedule also selected it in the database.  This made duplication very easy. For instance we would often use a "blank slide" either to project just a background, or as a placeholder for something we were waiting for information about. Likewise slides for Prayer of Offering may be used repeatedly during a morning's (multiple) services.

Unfortunately this doesn't appear to work in EasyWorship 6, so it's not quite as easy as the older version

Why is this feature important to you

We are often under pressure to finalise a schedule, with people coming in asking for items to be amended or added, and not having to repeat a query of the database for something which can be selected with an obvious single click of a mouse would be very helpful.

An alternative would be the possibility of a Copy/Paste facility, perhaps by Right mouse click

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