Re-add Video Jockey Mode

How would you like the feature to work?

I would love to see VJ mode added back into EW6 in the same way that it was available in EW2009

Why is this feature important to you?

It was a fantastic feature that allowed the video operator to change the background behind a song 'on the fly' whilst the song was live. It allowed backgrounds of a song to be quickly and easily changed to match the stage lighting/ particular mood/ theme of the song at any point in the song.

Sadly it isn't available yet in EW6...

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I would also like to see this feature added back in to EW6. It was great. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

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Please add VJ feature back to EW6!  It is the best feature of EW2009, and our teens love this feature!


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Did you know that in EW6, you can can use a separate background per slide (so not for the whole song)?
This allows you to prepare your slides before the service, including changing backgrounds per slide, as many as you like. For me, that is an improvement over VJ mode.

Thanks Harm van Dijk. Yes, I was aware you could do that - however I use VJ mode to mix different video backgrounds behind song words on the fly :)

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Harm... Preparing slides before the service is a great idea - one that is fine if your services run in a linear format. Our services can change depending on where the leader feels it is going (not all the time, but it does happen!) and as an addition, we never know what the lighting team are going to do next - this is where VJ mode allowed us to change our backround video to fit the lighting colour scheme as and when we needed to.

Sadly our services now run the risk of looking like someone has sat on the lighting desk and caused a colour explosion (and not the good kind :P). Only joking, we get by, but would like VJ mode re-instated!


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 The VJ mode is great feature when the same verse is sang repeatedly, and the worship team wants to VJ some video clips in the background on fly.

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