Duplicate a Presentation file

How would you like the feature to work?

  • Have the ability to copy and paste a presentation within the presentation tab
  • Have the ability to rename the copy of the presentation

Why is this feature important to you?

  • Currently, the only way to "copy" a presentation is to export it, then import it
  • Even when this occurs, sometimes EZW6 says that it can't import as there's already a presentation by that name
  • It'll be easier to edit presentations that only need 1 or 2 changes as opposed to having to redo the entire presentation 

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As a work-around for the time being: 

You can drag the presentation into the Schedule,

Right-click on the Presentation and select Edit Item...,

Make the necessary changes and then change the Title,

Then click OK to save your changes,

Now you can right-click on the Presentation again and select Check Schedule for Changes,

This will bring up the Import window and you can import the now unique Presentation into the Presentations database.

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It appears that each Presentation created in EasyWorship (referring to my current build has a unique identifier other than the Title. 

I followed the workaround suggestion above, and it did not work. Although it created a 'new' Presentation with the new Title, any changes made in the 'new' Presentation appeared in/affected the 'old' Presentation that was duplicated, and vice-versa. Changing the Title in EasyWorship and Checking Schedule for Changes does not make it an independent item in the available Presentations resources.

However, I was able to export a Presentation, change the file name in Windows, and then import and made independent edits. 

I'm not sure why this is deferred, it would seem to be a relatively easy addition and is needed as a timesaver by those who use the software weekly. I have used the software for nearly 3 years and just became aware of this features request and voting section. A message to all users to come and vote would help guide truly-needed updates. Thank you.

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