Foldback "Presenter" View

How would you like the feature to work?

In EW 2009, PowerPoint would show up on the Foldback in a sort of "Presenter View," Where the current slide would be displayed large, with the next few slides in a line underneath. I would like this restored, to work with both EW Presentations and PPT.

Why is this feature important to you?

It allows our pastor more freedom and confidence to see what's coming up next to make sure he doesn't skip around.

A note. We currently run a triple-wide setup in EW, so videos and presentations show up in the triplewide format on the Foldback. For this feature to work properly, it would need to show up on the Foldback according to the aspect setting as set in the Inspector in the Presentation Editor. In other words, our display is triplewide for songs and some videos, but our presentations are 16x9, so they only show on the center of the triplewide display. So on the foldback, rather than duplicate what's on Live, it would need to pull just the presentation slides in the same way it pulls just the text from the songs.

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