Skip or Select verses in songs

Our hymns often have 5 or more stanzas (verses) and from time to time I like to skip some stanzas in the service.  I can leave a note under the item in the schedule to "SKIP STANZAS 1 and 3" but oftentimes our operators forget to look, which throws off everything.

I would love for there to be a way to skip stanzas or slides in a song or even presentation.  For example, after we create a song or presentation, and after we drag and drop said song or presentation into the schedule, to be able to exclude slides without having to actually delete them.  I believe this can be done with presentations...??  Maybe not, but I know that if I delete a slide for a song, it gets deleted globally.  Rather than deleting, maybe a checkbox we can click to unselect a slide in a song/presentation, or something that accomplishes the same thing.

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If you add the song or presentation to the schedule and then delete the slides you don't want from the schedule, it will not affect the database. It will only delete them for that schedule.

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