PowerPoint files not displaying correctly in a saved ewsx file.

I have discovered an issue where some PowerPoint files will display correctly on a computer when the ewsx is created on that computer (and the PowerPoint is present in the Presentations tab), but if the ewsx is saved and copied to another computer, the PowerPoint will fail part way through by looping through a slide that has reveals.

This also happens if the PowerPoint is loaded in a folder on the computer and is just dragged to a Schedule, but not copied to the Presentations tab.

I have loaded an ewsx that fails for me. On 3 different computers the PowerPoint fails at slide 30 by looping through the 6 reveals. (the first time slide 30 is run when go to next, slide 31 briefly displays, then slide 30 reappears and continues to loop) In EW, the blue highlight in the Live window continues to the end slide, so there is a mismatch with what is and what should be displayed.

It seems that this can be prevented by ensuring that the PowerPoint is loaded from the Presentations tab.  I tried using the Check Schedule for Changes and importing the PowerPoint, but it still failed, and also if I then removed the PowerPoint and re added it to the schedule. Only by removing the PowerPoint from the schedule (and Presentations if it was imported by Check Schedule for Changes) and adding an original copy of the PowerPoint to the presentations tab will it work.

I will attach a copy of the original PowerPoint in another topic as they exceed the allowed file size.

Please communicate with me via jim.curtis@bigpond.com rather than the registered email for this account (treasurer.canberramonaro@gmail.com) as I normally don't monitor that email address.

Kind Regards

Jim Curtis

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