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Been using this software for years and I have installed Easyworship 6 onto a new computer Asus Aspire 5 running windows 11 with Intel Iris graphics.

When I play a video i get the audio but the screen output is black.

I have installed the klite Codec and quicktime as suggested in archive responses and checked the settings in the graphic card command centre but still the display output is black.

I have the demo version of Easyworship 7 installed and this works fine for videos and so I suppose I  can upgrade unless anyone has any further suggestions.

Well, the first thing I can see is you are attempting to run EW on unsupported hardware. EW does not support Integrated graphics. That is magnified by running it on a Laptop. While using a laptop isn't necessarily an issue, but manufactures normally default to power saver mode to increase battery life. This really kills video performance and can cause the symptoms you are describing. Go into Power Settings and turn the Power settings up to Performance, High Performance, or whatever they call it on your laptop (sometimes manufactures place their own Power settings on Laptops). See if that helps with it. And avoid high BitRate and or 4k videos if possible.

Thankyou,, I will try that but I forgot to say that there is no problem playing video on version 7 that I have downloaded for appraisal.

Unless actual EW Support Personell has something to add, I'm out of ideas. Sorry.

Thanks for trying Donal. Changing to high power didn't solve the issue

I'm thinking it has something to do with Windows 11. I've noticed a few people having issues with running EW6 on Win 11, but can't remember exactly what they were any longer. Funny how getting old brings on Sometimers moments. 

I will probably have to pay and take the upgrade to version 7 as the official response is we are not supporting Easy Worship 6. I have used 6 on another Windows 11 laptop successfully so it is probably a graphics/cpu issue

You should try opening a Support Ticket that would go directly to EW Support Personnel. Mention this thread so they can see what we have already suggested and tried. It's quite possible that someone there might have some additional ideas about this. You can find the link to open a Support Ticket by clicking on the Support link at the upper right hand of this page.

And just for the record, what CPU do you have installed? I doubt that would make a difference as anything that ships with Win 11 should have a CPU that more than meets the requirements for EW6 or 7.

I did open a ticket but since v6 is no longer supported since the beginning of the year I was told I needed to upgrade to v7 which as we know has an annual cost. I assume the problem has been addressed as v7 doesn't have the issue. Thanks for commenting.

Sorry. Our Church as a policy of NO subscription software so I'm not looking forward to the day that our EW7 stops working and it is out of support. From what I've heard, Windows is going to go to a subscription model in a couple of years as well. I'm glad I only have to worry about this stuff for a couple more years and then it will be someone else's problem. 

You did install the latest version of EW6 (6.7.16) didn't you? And you used this support article for the additional Codecs correct? I'm just grasping at straws here.

Haven't tried the descale addon although it refers to dvd playback Incidentally the sample videos that come with v7 download won't run either although I am not concerned about those. CPU is Intel i5 so should not be a problem.

Yeah, the DScaler is mainly for DVD playback. I doubt it would have much impact on your situation. I just created a new profile and download the Default Demo Data and noticed that the demo videos are WMV files. If you haven't tried the information in this support doc you might want to give it a try. You probably already did, but I'm running out of ideas. I don't have a Windows 11 computer available and don't really have the time to swap out the NVME drive in my Win10 system (requires removing the graphics card and the motherboard shrouds to get to it), install win 11, and then EW6 to test this out on a computer that is already mounted in a case and under the desk.  

Wish I could be of more help. But if I do think of something else I'll post back.

Forgot the link to the Support Doc.

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