Here in the UK, we have a growing number of Iranian Christians attending our services, with more to come to our area.  Their english skills are somewhat limited and we see the need to diaplay both English and Iranian (Farsi?) on the same song screen so that they can take a full part in our services.

I note that this subject was raised some 6 years ago, and the answer then was to translate into Farsi and to copy/paste into the original song screen (via Edit Item).  This is very cumbersome.  Please, is there a simpler way to display

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Praise the lord for all the new followers!

Do you mean automated translation such Google Translate?

This would also be a great option for us, we have many Spanish speaking members now and would like to use a trio screen setup (control computer, main display, Spanish display) or an option to display English and Spanish on the same screen one under the other 

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