Add fields for additional info on song info section


  • How would you like the feature to work?
In the song info inspector window, where Title, Author, Copyright, Administrator, Song Number and Reporting Provider are now, I'd like to see some places for additional information. Such as possibly the date the song was created and the date it was last edited. Who edited it last and when would be especially nice. Or perhaps just a free form "Comments" field. Or some variation of the above. Having who edited it last and when available in the resource list would also be especially helpful.

  • Why is this feature important to you?
I'm currently the person making/editing the song slides, but we have a lot of songs in our resources that were put in earlier by other people, and in the future I'm sure someone besides me will add/edit songs. Many of the songs don't have correct copyright information and don't have CCLI song numbers. Many of them were only partially entered and are incomplete or inaccurate. Or they just need re-formatting. I'm trying to standardize everything here so that we have some consistency in song titles, copyright info, making sure all the songs have CCLI numbers, are formatted consistently and ready to be used.

Every time I start a new week, I go through the list of songs our worship leader has chosen and search for them in the resources. If I could see quickly who edited the song last and when, I'd have a better idea of what I needed to look for in editing the song. If it was last edited recently, I might not need to go through it completely again, look it up in song select to make sure it has the right number, etc.

Also, sometimes on Sunday we might get asked to do a song that wasn't planned. Whoever is running EasyWorship on that day can quickly try to find a song in the resource but there is no way to tell if it's up to date. If they could see that info we could tell them that songs done after X date are ready to go, wouldn't have to worry about getting a song that isn't ready to be used.


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