How to keep master copy from changing when loading on 2nd computer

We are on EW v7 and we create our EW on our office computer and use dropbox to send to our booth computer, but when that happens slides change and requires to re-font size and adjust some screens to fix back in box size to show all the words.  What do we need to do to fix this so this does not happen. 


Dan Jozwiak - Redeemer

Make absolutely sure that both computers have displays that are the same resolution (re: 1080, 720, etc) and the same aspect ratio (re 16x9 or 4x3). Also make sure that they both have all of the same fonts and the EW Setting (edit - options) are EXACTLY the same. Even with that I usually have to take a few minutes (maybe 5 min at the most) to tweak my pastor's weekly Sermon Presentation to make sure it displays properly. I rarely have issues with song lyrics tho.

If you are trying to make it look good on your computer screen by changing font from Auto to do not auto size text then you will need to make sure that both computer's outputs are the same resolution. 

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