Cancellation of monthly subscription

Need to cancel my subscription. What are the steps necessary to initiate the cancellation?

Thank you.

David Lee Ferrell

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For assistance with managing an account, please send a request to 

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want to cancel my subscription please

All you need to do is log into your account on the EasyWorship website and you can cancel it there. Here is an article that will walk you through that.

How to delete my account? I dont want have any account here..

Antiohia Antiohia I can delete your account that you are using to create this ticket. That is the only account I see in our database. It was created on 1/3/21 which is the day you posted this message. There is no other account in our database with your name or email address.  Unless you have a different one that you are talking about. 

I need to unsubscribe immediately. I follow the steps to do it and it doesn't have the options you say.

@Lilian, Gonzalez, please send an email to and we will cancel it for you. Please include the email address the account was created under if it's not the same as the email you send from.

@Lilian Gonzalez, I saw you tried to post your email address. I didn't approve it because I don't want to make that public to everyone. However, I did look up your account under that email address and there is not a subscription on your account. 

If you do have an account with a subscription that you're trying to cancel, please email and they will be able to help you cancel it.

Hello, my Church Organization switched to a campus satellite account, I tried canceling the subscription on my current account and I had the response that it has been canceled but I will still be charged monthly on my card for a year. Please I need help with stopping those charges since the organization already stopped using this account, paying for what is not being used will be equivalent to ripping me off. Please assist. 
Thanks ahead. 

Oluwaseyeoladele, I'm not sure what a campus satellite account is. 

It does look like you purchased your license less than 90 days ago, so you are able to cancel the annual commitment you made when you purchased your subscription. Please send an email to letting them know you would like to cancel and stop the monthly payments since it's within the first 90 days and they will get you taken care of.

I cannot cancel my Church's subscription. Nothing was found under the product license,but I have the code that was sent to my email.


For assistance with managing an account, please send a request to 

Why do you want to cancel your account?

I canceled my account and want to reactivate it

 For assistance with managing an account, please send a request to