EW does not stay logged in with CCLI, messes up reporting

Pretty much every time I start Easy Worship and need to access Song Select, I see the Login screen. Although when I hit the login button it pops up the login window, logs me in and closes it without requiring me to enter my credentials.

This isn't really a problem, except for Sunday mornings when I'm doing 50 things getting ready for service and generally forget to go log into CCLI. What this does is cause EW to fail to auto-report the songs that day. Because Sunday is the only day I'm actually "live", CCLI is rarely receiving reports.

I know it would seem the easiest solution would be to just remember to make sure I'm logged in on Sunday mornings, but like I said, I'm pretty busy trying to get all of the audio, video and live streaming stuff going... etc. If EW is supposed to remain logged in to CCLI, it would be nice if it did so.

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Experiencing exactly the same as David.

EasyWorship does not stay logged in to CCLI/SongSelect - it logs out and needs to be logged in every time.

And, yes, I did check the box to stay logged in.

The computer is hard-wired to the Broadband Modem so is connected as soon as it it switched on.

NB: It might be worth mentioning that EW Auto-reports ONLY Digital and LiveStreaming.
People still need to add Printed Copies of Lyrics, Backing Track info and ALL copies of Musical Scores (both printed and emailed) on CCLI to report.

I will contact support some time here in the future when I have a few minutes to stop and breath. And I appreciate the response.

But, for the sake of posterity and for other people who might be having problems and  come across this thread, this is what I'm seeing. Bear in mind that I can log into CCLI (https://reporting.ccli.com/search) and see what's been reported and when.

EW is supposed to keep me logged in... but it doesn't. I suspect this is a bug and it really isn't causing me problems beyond being a bit frustrating.

Apparently (I didn't know this), EW will report previously used songs when I do log in, up to 45 days post use... but it doesn't. For example, EW didn't report any songs I used Sunday, Monday (we're doing VBS right now and using EW for songs) or Tuesday. I know I've been logged in since yesterday (Tuesday) and I can see that none of the songs we've used have been reported.

And... EW is only supposed to report songs when it's "live"... But is doesn't... When I look at songs I first used live last Sunday, I can see where they were reported a few weeks ago, when I was creating the schedule we used Sunday.

That last one is actually kind of interesting, because it tells me that I'm likely reporting every song that gets used, just not when I'm actually using them. I assume they only get reported once, and not every time I use them. Or at least the list I see on the reporting search page only shows the first time I used them.

Anyway, I'm just rambling because none of this is a really serious problem, other than my reporting isn't very accurate. I just wanted to put it all out there for the next guy who comes along looking for an answer.

Thank you for your reply.

David Chamberlain

David. EasyWorship should keep you signed in to SongSelect if you have the box checked to stay signed in. However, any time you sign in to SongSelect in EW, it will check for any unreported songs for the last 45 days and will report them. So you don't need to be signed in every week.
If you still have an issue with SongSelect staying signed in, please contact support directly and they can troubleshoot that with you.

Additional info...

EW running on Windows 11 22H2 build 22621.1992

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