v6 and v7 on same computer?

The browser bug in v6 that no longer allows CCLI access is a killer. 

We'd like to try v7 to see what it offers besides fixing the CCLI access.

If we install v7 on our existing v6 computer, will the v7 installation convert the v6 database et al and basically disable v6? I see articles about v7 converting the v6 database, but I can't tell if the conversion is in-place or copy and convert.

Thanks to you both; I'll do a full backup and give it a try.


Unfortunately this will be tricky at best. The later releases of EW7 that can integrate with CCLI update the Databases to a format that EW6 can not utilize. So you would have to reconvert the databases back to a format that EW6 can utilize by using EW7 or (can't remember which one at the moment).  It would more than likely be easier to just go to CCLI with another browser outside of EW and do a copy from CCLI, open a new blank song in EW6, then paste the lyrics into it.

The other option would be to just move to EW7 altogether, but that will require purchasing a subscription.

It's possible that actual EW Support would have another option that I don't know about. Unfortunately it's doubtful that they will see or respond to this until Monday during regular business hours. I'm just a user attempting to assist other users.

You can have EW 6 and 7 on the same computer and it will use the same database. However, if you create a different profile for each, it should open to the last profile that was opened in that version. For instance, if you open EW 6 and create a profile that you can use in the EW 7 demo, you can copy the entire database from 6 into that profile so they are the same. When you open EW 7, you can switch to that profile and when in EW 6, use your normal profile. Even if you use the same profile in each version, EW will just convert it back and forth. No need to use other builds to get it to convert. I have just tested this again and didn't have any issues.

One thing you will need to consider is if you do use the same profile and add things to your slides that are in 7 but not 6, like shapes, it will not work if you go back to EW 6 to use it.

You can also back up your profile if you're worried about anything happening to it.

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