How do I search for SongSelect Songs and add new songs with the new update?

The SongSelect feature will work for you if you are updated to the newest version of EW. You can download and install it from the link below

EasyWorship (build

 It has been fixed quite some time ago. You need to be running the latest release  EW7.4.1.9 and use the method that Terry outlined previously in this thread. He also provided a link to download that release of EW.

We are having the same issue and we just subscribed. Part of the reason we chose Easy Worship was the Songselect integration. When will this be fixed? We are trying to set up training for sound staff and cannot until we can access this. Thank you!

The updater was broken in that version. You can download the update HERE

Hello Dan. See screen shot below.

Also, every time we click on Check for Updates, nothing happens. Nothing loads or gives any indication it is loading. Please advise.

(71.2 KB)

Can you click on Help > About EasyWorship and send a screenshot of that window that opens please?

I have only seen this error if you are not on the newest build of EW. It should be 

If you are on, you may need to contact support directly and they can remote in and look at it with you.

We are getting an error message. We have the latest version and are not able to see or search for songs. Please help!


In EW you click on the Song Select option below songs. 

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