Song import and editing

While comparing this software with others, I was greatly enthused of not only how easy the learning curve was, but also how it doesn't bog down the PC's resources. Anyway, with that being said, I was sorely disappointed to find that contrary to other presentation programs, the song import feature is lacking integration of songs from other popular programs such as Videopsalm and OpenLP just to name a few. Not every church serves an English-only congregation and these same churches don't get their songs from CCLI or use Song Select. For example, we have more than 200 songs in our native language that are widely known across our community, so since there's no way to import them from the open-source ones aforementioned, I would have to type them all up and then edit them to make sure they present nicely on the lower-thirds for our online audience. So needless to say that it's such a time-consuming and tedious task to undertake. If you guys could either create a plug-in (or add it in the next version ''EasyWorship 8'') to get it fixed, and also instead of adjusting each song to the lower-thirds manually, if you guys could create a template so that every song (or Scripture) follows that template it would be awesome.Now I'll most likely either buy another software which at least lets me import songs (from a .json file) and it until you guys get the program on the same playing field.

Thank you for your consideration.

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