Transferring 1 schedule from primary computer to another licensed Easy Worship computer

I have Easy Worship. I am speaking for another church which also has A license for Easy Worship. I would like to transfer just my Easy Worship Schedule for my presentation slides to a jump drive and use in their computer. I have downloaded the transfer tool and use it to save to my External Hard drive, but i don't want ALL my data transferred to their computer- only the 1 schedule. It that possible?

The transfer tool with transfer the entire profile. What you want to do is use the "Save Schedule As" option and save the schedule to the flash drive. Make sure that  the box that states "Pack files in schedule" is checked so that all of the images, videos, etc. is saved in the schedule. Then at the other church copy the saved schedule to the hard drive of their computer and open it from there. I've run into too many issues with lag, latency, and stuttering when running a schedule directly from a flash drive so I always recommend running from the hard drive on the computer.

Also, if you just want to take the presentation file only instead of the entire schedule, you could right click on the presentation itself, click on Export Presentation, select the flash drive, then import it at the other computer. That way you could import just the presentation into their schedule of songs, etc. Might be a little easier. Either method will work depending on what all you need.

Thank you!!! Karyn
That's exactly what i needed!! Thanks again!

My pleasure. That's why I'm here.

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