lyric data base

How do I get to easyworship data base?

It's actually quite simple. But why are you trying to get to the data bases? You can't modify them with external software. Everything is done thru the EW program itself.

Instead of pasting that link into a search engine, just open Windows Explorer (not the old Internet Explorer) and click on the C drive, then Users, then Public, etc to get to the profile. Alternatively you can open EW, click on Profiles at the upper left, then Profile Manager, then look on the window that pops up for the location of the profile that contains the database. 

When I've pasted that link into the search engine i get 'file not found' message.  I've paid the $15/month fee in full & am perplexed to find this process so difficult.

The default location is  C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship\Default\v6.1\Databases\Data if you installed and used the default location. All of the databases are located in that folder. 

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