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We recently upgraded to a high power computer and are now using EasyWorship 7 on Windows 11. Ever since we installed, any time we try to use slide transitions, there is a 1-2 second delay which prevents us from using transitions at all. Is there a fix or codec that I need to install to correct the problem? Is this a known issue in EasyWorship 7? Thank you for your help!

Saying high power computer doesn't really tell us much. We need to know EXACTLY what hardware you have as well as what resolution you are displaying at. Essentially, the main cause of this issue is a computer with a Graphics Card that doesn't meet the requirements for running EW.

If you're using EasyWorship 7 on Windows 11 and are experiencing problems with slide transitions, you can try updating the program, testing the performance of your machine, modifying the settings, or contacting EasyWorship support for assistance. Alternatively, the developers may already be aware of the problem and be working on a solution. doodle baseball

I'm having a similar issue. My graphics card does meet the EW requirements and this started about 2 days ago. The transitions for some PowerPoint presentations arent translating and other PowerPoint presentations, the system completely locks up. 

Carmen, the main reason I see PowerPoint locking up is when someone creates the PPT Presentation on a different computer and uses a font that isn't on the computer that is running EW. A dialog box informing you of this and asking what you want to do will usually get hidden behind EW and whatever other Windows are open and it appears to lock things up until one selects one of the options on that Dialog box. You can still use Alt-Tab to cycle thru all of the open Windows to find the Dialog box and make a selection to resume. 

I loaded EW recemtly on a "high power" machine and had the same problem. I found the problem was I installed EW BEFORE I installed the most current Nvidia driver. I simply reinstalled EW and problems solved.

Craig, that's interesting. I've never run across that but I will keep it in mind. I've always installed EW to a new system after everything else is installed and setup with drivers being the first thing I install. I rarely update graphics drivers as I've yet to see one that addresses issues with EW. I also install the Nvidia STUDIO drivers which are designed for production work instead of the Gaming Ready drivers. I find the Studio drivers to be more stable and consistent since they aren't being updated as often due to them not being aimed at every new game that gets released.

Well, the default video drivers get installed first from Dell. Then I download the latest direct from Nvidia. I have always used Game drivers and had no problems with them. I also install GeForce Experience as it makes it easy to update and also tells me when there is an update.

I avoid GeForce experience like the plague. It's caused issues on every computer I've ever run into that has it. Especially as I do NOT want to keep installing new drivers that rarely, if ever increase stability or performance in a production environment. I stick with Studio drivers which are considerable more stable. 

GeForce Experience caused problems? What problems. I have never had problems installing it on many, many computers. Also, you might want to consider not stating your experience as fact. Just because you have found studio drivers to be more stable, does not mean they are. In my experience, game ready drivers have been perfectly stable and worked for me for years and years. In fact, can’t say I have ever had an unstable video driver. Just my 2 cents. Appreciate that you are helping people here.

Actually it is a fact that the Studio Drivers are more stable. That comes from a vast amount of extremely knowledgeable sources. Nvidia even states that is what  they are created for. While I will admit that Nvidia Game Ready drivers tend to be better overall AMD/ATI drivers for as long as I can remember, going back to the 1990's when both companies first started. But there is a reason why Nvidia takes the time to create Studio (or professional/productivity specific) Drivers. You can read Nvidia's own support documents about Studio vs Game Ready drivers at the following links. EW isn't a game, it's productivity software and should be treated as such.

As for GeForce Experience, experts have recommended avoiding them for years. I haven't seen anyone recommend running it for years (aside from yourself).

Again, you say "it's productivity software and should be treated as such". That is your opinion from your experience (which I believe you should always state). My opinion and experience say EW benefits and has graphic elements of a video game driver. While I am sure Studio Drivers are stable, I have never found the Game Ready drivers to be unstable. This is after 23 years of using Easyworship. (even though having two drivers like this has not been the case for that whole time)

GeForce Experience really does nothing for me other than check for driver updates and installs them when requested. After installing this on dozens and dozens of machines without issue, it is hard to believe there is any widespread problems with it. Not sure who your experts are that you refer to, but I have never heard from them.

I have been doing Church IT full time for 23 years. Even so, I will always state that things are from my experience and not as some fact that applies to everyone. I am in contact with many Church IT professionals daily, and they all do the same. Even guys that are WAY more knowledgeable than me.

Again, helping people here is a great thing. Just recommend you tweak your responses.

I am glad it's been working for you. Why I say EW is production software is that you really can't have any problems during a Church service like you can while playing a game. If a game crashes you just reboot the computer and carry on. If EW crashes during a service things can come to a stand still depending on the timing of the issue. My motto is not to take chances and don't screw around with what is working unless it's absolutely necessary. Updating a graphics driver that was release for the sole purpose of supporting the latest game or to increase the frame rate of one specific game doesn't make any sense to me on a production system meant to display Text, Images, Video, etc. during a Church service where absolute rock solid stability is mandatory. That is why I have an exact duplicate of our Church's EW projection computer at home (purchased by myself) so I can test EVERY update (Windows, EW, Drivers, and other software) before they are ever installed on the Church's system. I've caught several bad drivers and Windows updates that way.

I have experienced stability issues more than a few times, with them normally being attributed to Graphics Drivers. That's one of the reasons why I stick with the slower pace of updates of the Studio Drivers. Most of the Game Ready drivers are geared for optimizations of newly released games or to improve FPS. EW isn't a game, it's a video player, and the later releases of the past few years put more emphasis on GPU rendering with less and less CPU utilization.

As for my qualifications, I've been working with and on computers since the late 1970's starting with mainframes and eventually moved into Church IT at our Church in 2008. Most of my time was based in production work such as video, audio, and image editing and rendering rather than games (although I do play them occasionally).

In the end you do what you feel is best, and I'll do the same. We obviously have different opinions on what that is. I truly hope it continues to work well for you going bleeding edge. I prefer to stick with LTS and KISS approach.

Confirmed reinstall worked to fix the issue. Did install Nvidia Studio drivers first though. 

If you're using EasyWorship 7 on Windows 11 and are experiencing problems with slide transitions, you can try updating the program, testing the performance of your machine, modifying the settings, or contacting EasyWorship support for assistance. Alternatively, the developers may already be aware of the problem and be working on a solution.

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