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Our computer (Windows 10) that was running EasyWorship died. We purchased a new computer (Windows 11) and installed the latest, confusing version of 7. I hooked up the old drive to the new computer to transfer the Profile, but your Profile Transfer program won't let me select the old drive to export the profile from. How do I transfer the profile?

Thank you for your response, but the drive that the profile is on, is not, the C: drive, so your automatic transfer program won't work because it doesn't allow the selection of the exporting drive. I need to manually select and copy the database(s). Please provide a list of files to copy and where I can find them. Thanks..Robert

The default location for the profile folder is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship, so you will just need to navigate to that location on the old drive instead of the C: drive.

You can copy your profile folder, usually called Default, unless you or someone else renamed it, into that same location on the C: drive. If it is named Default, just replace the one on the C: drive with the one from your old drive and you're good to go. If it's named something different, you can rename it to Default and replace the one in the C: drive and it will be good.

I noticed the 'confusing version of 7' comment in your original question. If there is something you need help with or don't understand, please feel free to contact support and they will be happy to help you, or you can continue to ask questions here or on our Facebook group.

Hi, Thank you very much for the good news about moving the file. As to the confusing comment, I was a bit overwhelmed with getting things working with the 2 new computers (1 for audio and 1 for video) and EasyWorship. With the 2 new computers in a small space in the bottom of a cabinet, I had missed a sound cable connection as-well-as not getting EasyWorship to view on the screen (second monitor). It turned out to be just some settings. The guy that set everything up was a genius that retired and moved to Florida. I am blessed to have you guys to help me. Thanks, Robert

Awesome, Robert. Glad you're getting things going again. I completely understand the overwhelming part with setting things up.  We're glad to help if you need anything else.

Hi, The songs transferred, but I can't access them. It has to do with the SQL database. I put two error messages together and took a picture (see attached file). How do I correct the situation? Thanks, Robert
I restarted EasyWorship and I can access the songs. It still has an error message, but I can't duplicate it until after the service. I'll send an update after service.

If you can, it would be best to contact support and they can help you get it working. 

Go to and set up a time when you'll be at the computer so they can call you and remote into the computer to help.

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